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Everything Home. . .Real Estate and COVID

The business of real estate is essential, albeit in this climate confusing, intimidating, and unknowing. Folks are still wanting to buy and sell properties. Working in a safe, professional, and informed manner we in the business are maneuvering our clients through the buying and selling process. I ask owners who are living in their homes if they feel comfortable having buyers in their homes. If not, do they want to try and sell their home virtually. I ask buyers if they are comfortable being in someones' home. The new Covid advisory form, hand sanitizer, booties, and a mask aren't going to take away the emotion of the situation. Everyone has to establish their own comfort level with this unprecedented circumstance. Being honest with yourself and your expectations is the most important advise I can heed. My experience is that participants in our current market are acting conscientiously and considerately when it comes intermingling personal spaces. Real estate is happening and with safe practices and a little patience the job is getting done. Bottom line, take care of yourself, stay safe, and do what feels right!

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