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Everything Home . . . Small town living is not so small.

Last Sunday my BFF treated me to a wine tasting event at Septentrio Winery. They have a beautiful tasting room in Arcata that is rustic, elegant, and comfortable. This particular event married two of Humboldt Counties best, local Dungeness Crab and locally produced wine. Upon the recommendation of our host and owner, we started with a glass of Chardonnay at room temp that paired well with our crab. While we enjoyed our meal we were poured four tastings of a variety of reds. From the ambience to the quality of food and drink the afternoon was delightful. Septentrio epitomizes the quality opportunities that we experience on the North Coast, making the Humboldt County lifestyle so desirable.

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1 Comment

Jun 10, 2020

Can't wait to return to Septentrio...with you of course!!

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