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Everything Home. . . .Collections

My Mom and Dad collected utilitarian houseware: metal irons, lanterns, creamers, copper, to name only a few. My Mother had a gallery wall of old frames in our living room. As a child I didn't know to appreciate her wit for the hunt of a perfect collectable. It is no surprise that I too have become a collector. Boxes, eggs, silver frames, hearts, dishes I love collecting. When I go on vacation or just downtown, I enjoy bringing home treasures. I don't discriminate based on provenance or pedigree, if I like it I bring it home. Tchotchkes tend to be my favorite, I get excited about a good junk shop. My collections make my house my home. They unveil a little about me, and my ever evolving quest for the perfect find. Currently I'm on the hunt for some vintage etched stemware with the Star of David on the base. A client had given me her collection when I sold her home, and I love them so much I want more. I know I can find them online, but that extinguishes the excitement of the pursuit.

A home filled with collections is a home of stories, personality, and character. I'd love to know what you collect!

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