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Everything Home. . . Color Coded Book Shelf

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

I am embarrassed to say that I had not taken everything off my bookshelves and given them a good dusting and cleaning since I moved into my home in the early 2000's. So one recent late afternoon I was sitting in my living room and thought, why not now! I proceeded to empty every shelf, dust off every book and get rid of cobwebs and all the other unspeakable discoveries. Now what? I called my sister and BFF. Over a couple bottles of wine we started a give away pile, and then separated the rest by color. White was the numbers winner, followed by black and then blue. Late into the evening I had fun creating a rainbow pattern on the upper shelf and color blocked on the shelves below. It created a much cleaner look, it is subtle, and really fun when a guest is sitting in my living room and becomes conscience about the pattern! It was a fun project that checked a lot of boxes: I got rid of things I no longer use, I got some important cleaning done, and I got to be a little creative! What do you think?

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