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Everything Home . . . A 50th birthday celebration fit for a Queen!

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

A Chauffeur, a prince, canapés, and cocktails it was a party extraordinaire.

On a stormy November evening, ten of our closest friends got together to celebrate our lovely Rebecca. The Queen arrived via private driver and was greeted by a gaggle of girls wearing fascinators waving the union jack! Canapés and the Queens' (aka Queen Elizabeth) favorite Gin cocktail was served followed by a beautiful dinner of Pork and Fruit Ragout, and lots of champagne concluding with red velvet cake. A different flower, representing a different British queen was presented to each attendee, and I always have to include a little history into everything, so each guest got a card that she was to read about the life of a former queen - scandal and intrigue! Prince Harry and Buckingham palace made an appearance and were fun props for photographs. Fine china, crystal, pretty dresses and hats, made for an incredibly entertaining night that was filled with lots of love and laughter!

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A memorable party fit for a queen! I will never forget the incredible love I was shown that night!

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