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Everything Home . . .what about a vacation rental?

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Two years after our brilliant idea of turning a local Victorian into a short term furnished rental we are done. We separated the home into two flats - one up and one down. Our vision was a warm inviting environment with all of the modern amenities. We were not going for period authenticity. Our rental is located on Eureka's waterfront with beautiful views of the bay. New wiring, plumbing, heating, baths, kitchens, furnishings etc....the project was all encompassing and

the structure is effectively new. We anticipated a big grand opening but it became so popular that we've not had the opportunity to have our open house. 1033 2nd Street is the location and Vacasa (formerly Redwood Coast Vacation Rentals) is our manager. Look up the Lilac Lady by the Bay! Here is a shout out to Ann Stromberg who designed the interior. We literally could not have done this project without her!

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