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Everything Home . . . The flexibility of a Bar Cart

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

My sister Polly's bar cart.

The ubiquitous bar cart, a piece of furniture I've not thought a lot about until my sister acquired one. It has become the highlight of her living room. Yes, it has the requisite spirits and cut crystal, but it is so much more.

Every bar cart will show the personality of its' owner. Mine would include a bottle of Jack Daniels, Absolute, and my favorite local wine, Old Growth Cellars Petite Sirah.

Polly loves St. Germain in her Champagne, hence a staple. Alcohol, aside, think of all the pretty things that may exist on this flexible accessory. My sister has several of her blue and white pieces of porcelain, some relevant coffee table books, and a seasonal glass heart, these photos were taken around Valentines day. Seasons change, so does her bar cart. I look forward to seeing how she accessorizes during autumn. Food for thought, what would you put on your bar cart?

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15 de jan. de 2020

I love that bar cart and of course everything Polly touches is beautiful and lovingly arranged

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